3D density anomalies of the Moon from Bayesian gravity inversion

I developed a gravity inversion method called THeBOOGIe to infer 3-D density anomalies on spherical bodies. This method is able to use flexible priors and provides uncertainty information on the output density model.

Lunar megaregolith structure from GRAIL data

The gravity signal of impact craters on the Moon points towards the existence of a porosity boundary at 3-5 km depth. This is most likely the boundary between the large-scale basin ejecta layer and the layer of material uplifted by crater collapse, layers of the lunar megaregolith.

Ice accumulation and sublimation on Mars polar cap

The accumulation and sublimation rates of the North polar ice cap on Mars are unknown. We test how different models of accumulation and sublimation rates fit the migration paths data of troughs (depressions in the ice cap) using a Monte Carlo method.